Survivor Season 29 Cast Includes Ex-Major Leaguer, Ex-Boyfriend of Clay Aiken & More!

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CBS has come out with the full cast for Survivor Season 29 (yes, 29!) and it includes an ex-Major League Baseball pitcher, along with an ex-boyfriend of Clay Aiken.

It also includes a married firefighter and police officer, along with college sweethearts and many sibling-sibling tandems.

Look for the new season to premiere on September 24 and for one of the following teams to take home the $1 million grand prize.

Survivor Cast Picture

Drew Christy, 25, a traveling sales rep from Winter Park, Fla.
Alec Christy, 22, a student from Winter Park, Fla.

Jeremy Collins, 36, a firefighter from Foxboro, MA
Val Collins, 35, a police officer from Foxboro, MA

Reed Kelly, 31, a Broadway performer from New York, NY
Josh Canfield, 32, an actor/singer/writer from New York, NY

Jon Misch, 26, a financial assistant from Waterford, MI.
Jaclyn Schultz, 25, a media buyer from Las Vegas, NV

John Rocker, 39, a former baseball player (Braves, Indians, Rangers and Devil Rays) from Atlanta, GA
Julie McGee, 34, a model/spray tan business owner from Atlanta, GA

Natalie Anderson, 28, a student and Crossfit coach from Edgewater, NJ
Nadiya Anderson, 28, a Crossfit coach and project coordinator at Bridge2Peace from Edgewater, NJ

Keith Nale, 53, a fire captain from Shreveport, LA
Wes Nale, 23, a firefighter from Shreveport, LA

Missy Payne, 47, a cheerleading gym owner from Dallas, TX
Baylor Wilson, 20, a student from Nashville, TN

Dale Wentworth, 55, a farmer from Ephrata, WA
Kelley Wentworth, 28, a marketing manager from Seattle WA

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