Phaedra Parks: Apollo Nida Loves Strip Clubs, May or May Not Have One Testicle

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A lot has been written about Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks’ marriage and their future prospects, but this is eyebrow-raising even by their standards.

While Nida and Parks readily admit to having “issues” in their marriage, we now know she's slammed him for visiting strip clubs in new court filings.

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Parks made the explosive claims in a deposition for her defamation case against Angela Stanton, an acquaintance who wrote a book about her.

Stanton's book, Lies of a Real Housewife, chronicles the alleged dark side and shady secrets of The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and attorney.

Parks says of how Nida met Stanton, “I mean, she’s a stripper ... she was a stripper. And you know, my husband obviously has been one to frequent strip clubs.”

When an attorney called into question her familiarity with her husband’s genitals, Phaedra Parks seemed to suggest she hadn’t seen them for a while.

Asked whether Apollo Nida has only one testicle, a claim Stanton surprisingly makes in the book, Parks responded, “The last time I saw it, he had two.”

Parks’ alleged reluctance to answer questions about trickier questions, like Nida's sentence to eight years in prison for fraud, had Stanton’s lawyers upset.

Slamming her for “thwarting” justice and making “a mockery of the court,” they want a judge to require her to sit for another deposition at her own expense.

For now, she's stonewalling them, not revealing much more of interest in the court papers. There were some other diamonds in the rough, though.

When attorneys asked if she had attended burial services for one of Stanton’s family members, Parks said, “I’m intrigued by funerals. Yes, I do like them.”

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