Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks: Considering Open Marriage With Prison Sentence Looming?

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Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks are still together despite his prison sentence, at least for now, though reports say the duo may consider an open marriage.

Apollo and Phaedra

There's no disputing the fact that The Real Housewives of Atlanta pair is going through tough times, with Apollo Nida sentenced to eight years in prison.

Believing that Apollo has not always been faithful to her in the past makes it even harder for Phaedra to stay loyal, on top of his bank fraud conviction.

That's why, allegedly, she's considering an open marriage while he's locked up.

Not sure how she'd explain that to her two little kids, Ayden and Dylan, but it's easy to see how she reached her breaking point when it comes to Apollo.

“Phaedra is well aware that Apollo has not always been faithful, so she has decided to turn the tables on him and be a free bird herself,” an insider says.

“When Apollo told Phaedra on the Season 6 reunion, ‘Everybody cheats, I just hope [Parks] uses a condom,’ she really took those words to heart."

"Now she’s been getting to know other guys.”

It's unclear if he meant that the way it sounded ... but if you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you know his history of shady behavior.

Dude also flirted with Phaedra’s arch nemesis, Kenya Moore, which was a major storyline last season. For her part, Moore is on Team Phaedra.

Kenya actually sent a message to Parks on Twitter after Nida's sentencing, saying, “You can’t kick someone while they are down even if they fell trying to trip you."

"Offer them a hand instead.”

Words to live by.

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