Oklahoma Teacher Shows Up Drunk, Pantsless For First Day of Work

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No one likes to see summer come to a close, least of all teachers.

So maybe we can all learn a lesson from Lorie Hill of Oklahoma, who decided to keep the party going by getting completely hammered before her first day of work as a teacher at Wagoner High School.

Lorie Hill, Drunk Teacher

Yes, school didn't start for Wagoner students until today, but the year is already off to an interesting start, as Hill - who was just hired to her position over the summer - stumbled into her first teacher's conference day and made quite the memorable impression on her new co-workers.

Not only did the esteemed educator walk into the school without checking in and claim an empty classroom as her own, when she was questioned by the other teachers (who, of course, had never seen her before) she promptly removed her pants!

Naturally, police arrived and arrested the pantsless Hill. They found a bottle of vodka in her car (Shocker!), but were unable to charge her a DUI as they were unsure if she drove to school drunk or simply pounded booze in the parking lot.

The school has yet to release a statement, but we're guessing Ms. Hill won't be on hand to welcome her new students today.

Frankly, we think she should sue for discrimination. When Chrissy Teigen shows up drunk everyone loves it. When Lorie Hill invites her fellow teachers to the no-pants party she gets fired. Unfair!