Nina Dobrev and Jimmy Fallon Play Giant Beer Pong: Check Out the Amazing Comeback!

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Nina Dobrev dating rumors have been all over the Internet lately, and the Vampire Diaries star has been forced to watch her ex start a very public relationship with her one of her friends, so it's nice to see Nina forget it all and unwind...with the world's largest beer!

Okay, so Nina and Jimmy didn't actually drink from the four-foot brews, but they did use the giant cups to demonstrate some very impressive beer pong skills.

For those who didn't go to college, beer pong is a game in which you force your opponent to drink by tossing a ping pong ball into a red Solo cup.

Of course, Nina and Jimmy awesomely upped the ante by using volleyballs, 4-foot cups and enough beer to make Nina forget that Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed ever existed. 

Things got off to a shaky start for Nina, but she quickly rallied in what may be remembered as the greatest comeback in Tonight Show history.

Of course, the great thing about beer pong is the penalty for losing is chugging beer. So even when you lose, you really win. 

Even so, with all she's been through recently, it's nice to see Nina enjoy a well-deserved victory. We'll drink to that. 

Don't forget to watch The Vampire Diaries online at TV Fanatic to see Nina in her natural habitat.

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