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Everyone wants a piece of Nicki Minaj these days.

The singer’s Anaconda video has broken the VEVO mark for most views in a 24-hour period, which has led to Victoria Justice Twerking her way through her own rendition of the song and, now, to a rather unexpected parody of the footage.

It comes from South African comedy team Derek Watts and the Sunday Blues and it replaces most of the song’s soundtrack with farts.

Yup. That’s it. The video now features a lot of Nicki’s butt and a great deal of Nicki farting because, let’s face it, farting is always funny…

Nicki Minaj Fart Video

Nicki Minaj will keep having the last laugh, of course.


She opened the MTV Video Music Awards over the weekend, suffering a wardrobe malfunction, but making many headlines in the process.

Relive Minaj’s Twerk-tastic VMA performance below, along with other GIFs from the event: