Nicki Minaj LIED About Wardrobe Malfunction: Sources Say She Pulled the Same Stunt in Rehearsals!

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The Nicki Minaj wardrobe malfunction was certainly one of the highlights of last night's MTV Video Music Awards.

Sure, it wasn't as astonishingly unexpected as the now-famous Miley Cyrus twerk-fest of 2013, but millions of viewers were on the edge of their seats, with their fingers on the pause button, eagerly awaiting the moment when Nicki would lose her grip and show her ample assets to the world.

And sources say that's exactly how Nicki planned it.

The official story is that Nicki's dress simply wouldn't zip up in the moments before the performance (because she's so curvy). 

But Nicki decided to take the stage anyway (because she's so daring).

Today the truth came out, and witnesses say Nicki wore the exact same dress same in the exact same fashion during rehearsals (because she she's a master media manipulator and she knows how to get attention).

Of course, no one really cares if the near-boob-spill was fake or not (although we can't help we've been strung along), the only question is why Nicki would fake such an awkward wardrobe malfunction.

Anyone who's seen Nicki's "Anaconda" video knows that the girl knows how to be sexy. Someone in her camp should've told Nicki that the audience is unlikely to be turned off if they're all just embarrassed for her.

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