Firefighters Save Construction Worker From Burning Building With Seconds to Spare in Amazing Video

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Firefighters rescued a man from a burning building in this amazing viral video that first surfaced in March, but is making the rounds again this week.

For good reason. You don't see a lot of close calls like this that end well:

The heart-stopping moment was caught on camera after an this apartment complex, under construction in Houston, Texas, went up in flames in a hurry.

A construction worker, trapped on the ledge, looked to be doomed.

In panic and desperation, and with the flames rapidly encroaching on him, the man was about to jump to the floor below, for lack of any better option.

A firefighter in a ladder truck then saved him, with seconds to go.

The $50 million building was reportedly torched in just 20 minutes, which tells you how quickly the flames spread and how lucky this man is to be alive.

Check it out above. Seriously, it's worth a look.