Mom Does Not Understand The Google, Wants Logo Changes to Cease Immediately

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The Google. Confusing parents everywhere since 1998.

Despite the ubiquity and apparent simplicity of the search engine behemoth, a company so big it sells for $570 a share and has become a verb, it still baffles some.

As Will Smith once said, parents just don't understand.

Tales of Google confounding Americans of intermediate to advanced age are as old as time. Or at least the late 1990s. Take this classic text message exchange:

Mom Does Not Understand Google

Google probably thought everyone loved their doodles, too.

Not this mom! What is this confusing stuff?! She just wants the white screen with the brightly-colored GOOGLE and blank search field back, thankyouverymuch.

So we learned from her son, who took the blame for this.

Erroneously under attack, he helpfully explained that Google's clever changes were not the result of her offspring changing up the settings of her computer.

And no, mom, there is not a number you can call.

Add this to the list of vintage mom texting fails, as well as the mountain of evidence that parents should not use Facebook, Google or any technology for that matter:

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