15 Parents Who Need To Get The EFF OFF Facebook NOW!

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There's nothing worse than scrolling through Facebook on your lunch break and coming across something better left NEVER, EVER, EVER SEEN - EVER - but because some parents just do not understand social media, there it is in your news feed, floating on the Internet like the floater in the toilet.

Because that's what it is. A poop picture courtesy of a parent who doesn't seem to realize that poop? Not the cutest thing their little cutems is ever going to do.

Not by a long shot. We promise.

Or there's the parent who constantly complains about everything from Daylight Savings Time and the lack of sleep to the fact that stores don't open at 9:00 because that's when she's in the parking lot and doesn't Target know that? I mean, doesn't the world revolve around her kid's nap schedule??

FOR THE LOVE. No. No it does not. So just stop it with that already!

And stop it with your Mommyjacking, too!

(Mommyjacking: a term used to describe the event which occurs when someone posts something great they've accomplished and a mommy comes along to say "nothing's better than being a mommy!" or "just you wait until you're a mommy!")

Anyway, scroll through the cringe-worthy gallery above for examples of 15 people who need to get the EFF OFF of Facebook IMMEDIATELY.

And just for fun, after the jump, let's also pay homage to those parents who take to social media to shame their children for myriad offenses.

Because nothing says "this is for your own good" like humiliating kids on Facebook with an embarrassing picture that gets to live forever and ever thanks to technology ...

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