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Beyonce posted adorable photos of herself, husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy at a kart racing facility on Friday, once again defying recent divorce rumors.

Someone is trying much, much too hard here.

We’re not sure if that would be the star, in an attempt to convince us all is well with her marriage, or tabloids wanting to convince us it’s not … but someone is.

In one adorable snapshot from the go kart track, Jay Z, 44, held hands with the duo’s 2-year-old daughter as they walked around the indoor racing spot.

Blue wore a white dress and accessorized with pink sandals, while Beyonce clearly took first place (as evidenced by another fun photo she shared)

Is life really all fun and games for them lately, though?

The power couple’s relationship behind closed doors, if you believe the tabloids, is pretty much the polar opposite of this pleasant family outing.

Just yesterday, a report suggested Beyonce “is done” with Jay Z and their six-year marriage as soon as they finish their final On the Run tour dates.

They also allegedly “stayed separately” while in New York and L.A. and Bey is looking for apartments solo in NYC, gearing up to leave the rapper ASAP.

At this point, we still put about as much stock in those reports as we do Tina Seals‘ lawsuit claiming she, not Bey, is Blue Ivy Carter’s birth mother.

Is it possible all these photos are a facade and things are secretly crumbling behind closed doors? Sure, but there is no evidence that it actually is.

Why fake it at this point if you’re just gonna divorce anyway, and why hasn’t there been one shred of proof to back up any of the divorce chatter?

Just curious. Someone, please enlighten us.