22 Dogs Who Have Mastered the Art of Photobombing

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Say cheese!

Now say "LOL" because the following photos all feature dogs who couldn't help but jump in for a quick smile, frown, lick or bark.

Just try not to laugh out loud while peeping these pets:

1. Group Photobomb

Group Photobomb
Don't forget about me! This canine really wants to be included in this group photo.

2. A Lazy Photobomb

A Lazy Photobomb
Scroll down... look to the right... and, yes! There he is, the laziest photobomber ever.

3. Time to Hump

Time to Hump
Dirtiest photobomb ever? This dog has a suggestion for what this couple should do after saying cheese.

4. Wait for ME!

Wait for ME!
Now THIS is a dog that really wants to be in a photo. (NOTE: He was unharmed following his jump.)

5. Crotch Alert!

Crotch Alert!
Excuse me, sir? Are you aware there's a dog sticking out of your crotch?

6. A Photo Takeover

A Photo Takeover
This goes far beyond a photobomb. This is a photo takeover! Nice move, pup.

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