22 Dogs Who Have Mastered the Art of Photobombing

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Say cheese!

Now say "LOL" because the following photos all feature dogs who couldn't help but jump in for a quick smile, frown, lick or bark.

Just try not to laugh out loud while peeping these pets:

1. Group Photobomb

Group Photobomb
Don't forget about me! This canine really wants to be included in this group photo.

2. A Lazy Photobomb

A Lazy Photobomb
Scroll down... look to the right... and, yes! There he is, the laziest photobomber ever.

3. Time to Hump

Time to Hump
Dirtiest photobomb ever? This dog has a suggestion for what this couple should do after saying cheese.

4. Wait for ME!

Wait for ME!
Now THIS is a dog that really wants to be in a photo. (NOTE: He was unharmed following his jump.)

5. Crotch Alert!

Crotch Alert!
Excuse me, sir? Are you aware there's a dog sticking out of your crotch?

6. A Photo Takeover

A Photo Takeover
This goes far beyond a photobomb. This is a photo takeover! Nice move, pup.

7. A Mooning Dog

A Mooning Dog
Oh yeah? You wanna take a selfie without me? Here's what I think of that!

8. Closest. Photobomb. Ever.

Closest. Photobomb. Ever.
This dog may be trying to eat the camera. But it's the most up-close photobomb in Internet history.

9. Snowy Photobomb

Snowy Photobomb
Outta the way, kid! This is finally my time to shine in the snow!

10. Dog Photobombs Dog

Dog Photobombs Dog
This may be the saddest dog in recorded history. Why is his owner trying to leave him out of the picture?!?

11. Eyes Have It

Eyes Have It
Yup, the eyes have it. So much for this photo of some lovely landscape.

12. An Unexpected Gift

An Unexpected Gift
This is a challenging one. But take a close look. See a certain someone hiding between presents?

13. Sex on the Beach

Sex on the Beach
This is a very pretty photo of a woman in a bikini and... oh, hey, look: two dogs humping!

14. Needing a Beach Break

Needing a Beach Break
Sorry, fellow furry friend. But you know how it is when nature calls, right?

15. Balls in Your Face

Balls in Your Face
This photo would be very romantic. If a pair of dog testicles weren't in the background.

16. MEOW?!?

Meow?!? Really, lady? When you're dog is standing right there? For shame.

17. Startled Dog Photobomb

Startled Dog Photobomb
Wait... we're taking a photo?!? I was not ready for this. Why didn't anyone warn me?!?

18. The Call of Nature

The Call of Nature
Sorry, lady. It may be your child's first day of school - but this dog can't control when nature calls.

19. Food vs. Dog

Food vs. Dog
Seriously, no one should ever take a photo of food. Especially not when a cute dog is nearby.

20. Dog, Outfit Check

Dog, Outfit Check
How does your outfit look? Who cares? How does your dog look?!?

21. Food Photobomb

Food Photobomb
It's unclear why this person is taking a photo of JIF Whips. But it's not unclear that the dog would like some.

22. Cragslist Photobomb

Cragslist Photobomb
This person wants to take photos of his apartment for Craigslist. We hope those seeking a rental don't mind the shot of a dog in there as well.

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