Koala Saved in Australia, Given Mouth-to-Mouth by Heroic Rescuers: See the Footage!

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This photo of a koala reacting to the sight of its destroyed home is one of the saddest things you'll see on the Internet.

But the following video of a daring koala rescue should at least put a smile on the faces of animal lovers everywhere.

The koala was struck by a car on Wednesday and then climbed to the top of a tree in Langwarrin, a suburb of Melbourne, on Thursday.

Wildlife Victoria spokeswoman Amy Amato told The Age that this is typical "instinct" for wounded animals, as they "mask their injuries well and flee from predators."

So rescue workers used a ladder to bring down the koala, who actually fell from the tree during this attempt. But he was caught by people holding a blanket and then mouth-to-mouth resuscitation that saved his life.

Incredibly, the entire event was captured on camera:

We'd love to buy those rescue workers a round.

They join a growing rundown of animal rescues online that have taken our impressed breath away: