13 Amazing Animal Rescues

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These animal rescues will move you to tears, both sad and happy.

1. Poodle Rescued, Revived from Late Owner's Shed

This dog lived under the shed of his late owner's home for over a year. Watch his amazing rescue/transformation story here.

2. Stray Dog Rescue: Caught on Camera

This video tells the story of a dog rescued by the organization Hope for Paws. They do great, inspiring work.

3. AMAZING Cat Rescue

This is an amazing story and video. It depicts a cat being rescued from the springs of a car.

4. Bear Rescues Cub from Highway Traffic

This awesome video depicts a mother bear rescuing her cub from oncoming traffic. Check it out!

5. Dog Rescued from Trash Pile, Nursed Back to Health

A dog is rescued from a dump in this video. Watch his incredible transformation and who he ends up befriending.

6. Pitbull Gets Rescued from Sewer

This poor pitbull was stuck in a sewer for four days. But rescue workers kept believing and eventually freed the little guy.

7. Batman and Captain America Rescue a Cat!

A man dressed as Batman and a man dressed as Captain America recently saved the life of a cat. Learn more in this fun video.

8. Cats Rescued From Air Conditioner

Phew! A few cats spotted in air conditioning vents have been rescued. That was close!

9. Puppy Rescued From Underground Pipe

The Michigan Humane Society received a call about a one-month-old puppy in need last week. This is their rescue story. It is awesome.

10. Man Rescues Baby Fox from Net

This man saved a baby fox who was stuck in a net. And he narrated all the action as he did so.

11. Bear Saves Crow from Drowning

This is pretty amazing. Watch a bear pull a drowning crow to safety.

12. Rottweiler Saves Chihuahua from Coyote Attack

Check out this crazy awesome video. It features a Rottweiler rescuing a Chihuahua from the jaws of a coyote.

13. Rescue Works Give Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation to Koala

Wow. This video features a koala being rescued and saved via mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

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