Gas Station Employee Uses MMA Training to Fight Off Robbers: Watch the Video!

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A Texas convenience store clerk who happens to be a part-time MMA fighter used that training to absolutely annihilate a pair of robbers near I-45 in Houston.

This is how it is DONE with the mixed martial arts:

Several weeks ago, thugs attacked a Houston Fuel Depot employee in the store parking lot as he returned from the bank, which they clearly knew he was doing.

What they didn't know was that the victim's co-worker inside the store and behind the counter, Mayura Dissanayake, was about to whoop their asses.

As soon as he saw the attack from inside, he rushed out with another employee and defended the victim, straight up TAKING IT to the band of hooligans.

Dissanayake, who has a decade of MMA training and competed in India's Super Fight League MMA under the nickname "Top Gun," lived up to his (unknown) reputation.

Nonchalantly describing how it was instinct to rush to his co-worker's rescue, he described how he delivered a kick to the face and more to ward off the attackers.

Two of the robbers beat a hasty retreat after getting served by Mayura, a Sri Lanka native, while he managed to subdue one until the police arrived.

Odell Mathis, 33, was charged with robbery with bodily injury.

Top Gun says he only feared that they were packing, and was going to keep swinging and punching until they left and/or he got them in a submission hold.

"I wasn't sure if he had a knife or a gun so I wanted him to stop moving... We learn how to punch [in MMA training], how to kick and all that stuff you can use in the streets."