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They are royal pains, so it only makes sense they will appear on Royal Pains:

USA Network has confirmed via press release that Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick will portray themselves Royal Pains Season 6 finale.

The episode will air September 2 and it will find Khloe and Scott having dinner at a local hot spot when Hank’s girlfriend, Charlotte, spots the “pop culture icons” (USA’s words, not ours) and asks Evan to make an introduction.

Khloe and Scott are long-time “partners in crime,” according to the reality star herself.

She actually Tweeted those words in regard to Disick and the fact that both have been arrested for drunk driving.


The guest star appearance, meanwhile, will mark their acting debuts.

Sister Kim Kardashian has stopped by multiple primetime shows, including How I Met Your Mother and Drop Dead Diva, while Khloe bombed as host of The X Factor.

But this will be her and Disick’s first-ever scripted role, unless you count Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Which you totally should. Because it’s totally scripted.