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It might seem hard to believe, but Kate Gosselin has just hit a new low.

A new book claims Gosselin had kids so she could become famous, and an excerpt from the tell-all that reveals Kate’s attempts to pawn her kids off on the state seems to only corroborate that.

Author and outspoken Gosselin critic Robert Hoffman has said that his book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World, would expose Kate as a bully, scam artist, and abusive mom.

It now seems he’s made good on that promise:

The book includes a letter written by Gosselin in 2005 as part of her effort to receive free childcare from the state of Pennsylvania. One alarming passage reads:

“We have eight children, four years old and younger. Our six youngest are 11 months old. In a sense our children (our six 11 month olds) are disabled.”

So according to the version of events in Hoffman’s book, Kate took fertility drugs in order to help her become famous and use her kids for fame and financial gain.

Kate was then shocked to learn that raising eight children is a difficult task and self-diagnosed her children as disabled in order to obtain state services for which she was ineligible.

The book also includes a letter from Pennsylvania State Sen. Michael A. O’Pake who says she asked to him to “personally review this case so that a compassionate and just result could be obtained.”

Yes, apparently the words “compassionate” and “just” are in Kate’s vocabulary! Who would’ve guessed?