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The irony of the deluge of recent speculation that Prince William got Kate Middleton pregnant again is that she’s looking thinner than usual if anything.

It’s this recent observation that has put the is-she-or-isn’t-she-debate to rest, while at the same time giving way to the latest round of royal rumors:

The PRESSURE TO GET PREGNANT is stressing her out beyond belief!

Kate, Will, Elizabeth

All the alleged “Kate Middleton baby bump” sightings felt slightly credible – at least as gossip items go – because her post-baby weight was holding steady.

More or less, anyway. But lately, she’s as slender as we can remember.

Is she so consumed by trying to conceive a sibling for George that it’s taking a physical toll? So stressed from her daily routine that it’s literally eating her away?

Probably not. She’s a naturally slender woman, people. Just deal.


This week, she wore a cerulean LK Bennett dress that accentuated her waistline, and put to rest any of the whispers that she’s a few months along.

Sorry, Jessica Hay. Your royal “sources” were off the mark, babe.

Maybe something is indeed going behind royal doors that’s impacting her health. We have zero way of knowing. But we would wager heavily on the contrary.

This is a woman who epitomizes class, grace and dignity, who carries herself with a certain humility despite having married, and birthed, an heir to the throne.

Not only was she named to the Best Dressed Hall of Fame, she’s someone who’s never given us a reason to doubt her in terms of the way she lives her life.

Perhaps most significantly, Kate’s body shape has never fluctuated or changed all that much aside from during her pregnancy. Photos and outfits vary naturally.

Let’s give her a little break with the weight speculation, shall we?