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Justin Bieber loves to throw parties, but he’s tired of nosy neighbors and strangers rifling through his stuff.

Just last month cops were called to Bieber’s house four times one night due to noise complaints!

So what’s the solution? Stop holding all-night ragers in LA’s swankiest neighborhoods? No, just rent a high-end party mansion for the sole purpose of trashing the place!

Justin & Hailey at the Met Gala

Yes, Biebs reportedly shelled out major bucks to rent a massive home in the Hollywood Hills, but he has no intention of living there. 

“[Justin] is only using the Hollywood Hills rental to throw parties,” says a source close to the deal. “After Justin’s house was raided earlier this year, he vowed to never be caught in a similar situation, and doesn’t want random people in his home.”


“So Justin decided to rent a house just so he could throw parties. He might up sleeping there from time to time.”

Sleeping, passing out in a swaggy puddle of Cristal and Victoria’s Secret models – same difference.

Of course, Bieber is back with Selena Gomez, and the couple is said to be happier than ever, so you’d think maybe he would just settle down and try to make his relationship work this time, but nah…that wouldn’t be douchey enough. 

But who knows? Maybe he’s grown up more than we think. Hey, maybe Justin’s using the house to raise his baby with Miranda Kerr!