Jon Hamm Throws Shade at Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Reynolds in New Interview

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Mad Men will soon be a thing of the past and series star Jon Hamm is already looking to the future.

While his latest feature, Million Dollar Arm, was a minor box office failure, Hamm is still hoping to break free from the role that made him famous and become a bankable big screen star.

Jon Hamm GQ Cover

He opened up about his career ambitions in the new issue of GQ, and based on some of the subtle disses he slipped into the interview, it seems Hamm thinks the best way to reach the top of the movie star heap is to bring down some of the guys who are already there.

"You look at someone like Matthew McConaughey," says Hamm. "Ten years ago you wouldn't have said he'd going to be an Oscar winning actor. The guy from Failure to Launch? You would've been laughed out of the room."

We're sure Hamm meant to praise McConaughey's career resurgence, but it's certainly a bit of a backhanded compliment. 

While the reminder of McConaughey's career low-point was a pretty scathing (although possibly unintentional) burn, it's still not as bad as the fashion in which Hamm shoots down Ryan Reynolds without even mentioning the actor by name:

"They came after me pretty hard for Green Lantern," Hamm says. "But I was like, 'Meh. That's not the kind of movie I want to do.' That's not the kind of movie I want to go see."

So not only was Reynolds their second choice, but the movie sucked? Looks like Don Draper's not the only one capable of talking smack so subtle you're not even sure if you just got burned.

Watch Mad Men online at TV Fanatic to see Hamm/Draper dole out low-key burns like a boss.

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