Jennifer Lawrence-Scarlett Johansson Mash-Up: The World's Most Beautiful Woman?

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In case you somehow weren't aware: Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson are two very attractive women.

Lawrence has been called the sexiest woman alive on more than one occasion, and Scarlett has been inspiring impure thoughts for almost a decade.

So what happens when you combine two of the most desirable women on the planet? You get this:

Jennifer Lawrence-Scarlett Johannson Mash-Up

Yes, that's a mash-up of J-Law and Scar-Jo's facial features, and it's creators are calling it a visual representation of feminine perfection.

But is it?

Sure that's a good-looking woman up there (who bears a striking resemblance to Jessica Alba), but isn't part of both women's appeal that the fact that they're not blandly flawless?

Part of what we love about Jen is that she falls down on red carpets and acts awkwardly goofy in interviews. A huge part of Scarlett's sexiness is her raspy-voiced, world-weary attitude. 

Both women are naturally beautiful, but the way in which they've captured the world's attention has little to do with their facial features.

Heck, if we want creepy, surgically-enhanced "perfection," we've got Human Barbie:

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