Jenelle Evans SLAMMED By Her Own Mother: You Never Raised Your Kid!!!

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Jenelle Evans isn't the greatest mom...but then, she didn't have the greatest mom.

Barbara Evans can be as much of a shrill nightmare as Jenelle, but she stepped up and took custody of Jenelle's first son Jace, and you've gotta give her props for that.

Unless you're Jenelle, in which case you can just go off on her for the way she's raising your kid:

In fairness, in the above clip, Jenelle is still pregnant with Kaiser. In addition, her baby daddy Nathan Griffith was just sent to jail, so she's under a fair amount of stress.

Of course, Barbara is taking care of Jace and Jenelle's nephew Gabriel so she's got a lot on her plate as well. 

Maybe we should stop justifying and enjoy the sight of these two losing it on each other. 

"You're favoring Gabriel because you can't handle Jace anymore," Jenelle screams at Barbara. "Guess what Jace told me in the's like when they are in the room alone and something happens, you automatically go, 'Jace! Why did you do that?'"

Barbara listens to the criticism for about three seconds before shooting back, "You don't live here! You never raised him! Don't tell me what to do!"

Harsh. But a fair point. 

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