Bryan Singer Under Investigation For Sexual Assault...Again!

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Back in April, a man named Michael Egan accused director Bryan Singer of sexually assaulting him while he was still in his teens.

Egan went on to accuse several other Hollywood execs, but eventually withdrew all of his allegations.

Singer seemed to be in the clear until earlier today when it was revealed that the NYPD is investigating Singer in connection with a report filed by an unidentified 20-year-old man who claims that Singer sexually assaulted him in March of 2013.

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Details are few, but an NYPD spokesperson has confirmed that "Singer was named by the complainant."

Singer's lawyer has issued a statement saying, "My client did not engage in any criminal or inappropriate behavior with anyone in New York or elsewhere."

While Singer escaped criminal prosecution in the Egan case, the charges have done untold damage to his reputation.

Actress Ellen Page who had previously worked with Singer on the film X Men: Days of Future Past described the charges against the director as "super disturbing."

Though he denies any wrongdoing with regard to Egan, Singer removed himself from the promotional campaign for his latest film following the accusation.

Singer has yet to publicly respond to the latest allegations against him. 

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