Jeff Goldblum Reenacts Jurassic Park at Friends' Wedding!

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The trend of having your wedding photos edited to make it look like your guests are running from a dinosaur is officially played out.

When newlyeds Jesse and Pamela Sargeant jumped on board with the trend, however, they added one crucial ingredient that can make any fad cool again: Jeff freakin' Goldblum.

Jeff Goldblum Dinosaur Photo

Goldblum recently got engaged to Emilie Livingston, and it seems that over the weekend, he accompanied his 31-year-old (!) fiancee to her friends' wedding.

Emile's young, presumably hipsterish friends were reportedly so jazzed to see Goldblum in attendance that they overcame the creepiness of the fact that Goldblum was like 40 when he made Jurassic Park, and insisted the the acting legend join them in a tribute to their favorite childhood flick.

Goldblum can be seen in the middle of the photo wearing a different color suit than the other guys. He clearly wasn't in the wedding party but agreed to play along anyway.

"Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us, and thanks to Jeff for being a good sport!" the bride wrote on her Facebook page. "Never woulda imagined we'd make the media!"

No word yet on whether or not Goldblum plans to recreate any of his other films during his and Livingston's upcoming nuptials. Might we suggest The Fly?

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