Kris Jenner Signs on as French Montana's Manager!

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When French Montana and Khloe Kardashian began dating back in April there were rumors that Kris Jenner didn't approve.

And why should she? Before his new relationship was even official Montana's ex-wife confirmed that he's a shady selfish, golddigger who doesn't care about anything other than his cash and his career.

And that's exactly why he fit rights in with the Kardashian clan.

French Montana and Kris Jenner

Khloe's family is a well-oiled money-making machine, and when Kris Jenner saw that French is so committed to becoming famous that he's willing to pretend he's not rampantly cheating on her daughter, her pupils turned to dollar signs.

Actually, we're pretty sure that's the default setting for Kris' eyes and she hides it under designer contact lenses, but that's another story.

What we're talking about now is the unholy alliance between Kris and French. May God have mercy on us all:

Yes, Life & Style reports that Kris is now French's manager. 

A source claims Montana is "really excited about it" and Kris plans to helping with French's career "the same as she did with Lamar Odom."

Right, because look how well that worked out! 

The irony, of course, is that Khloe was repeatedly warned about French and now it looks like he's the one who should run for the hills.

Get out now, French! Get out before you wind up divorced, unemployed and hooked on crack!

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