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Judes Exantus did not have himself a good day yesterday.

The 29-year old Florida resident was pulled over by a Collier County Deputy for running a stop sign and tried to deny that he broke this law, despite the official making it clear he witnessed the violation.

Exantus then grew so annoyed at the time it was taking the officer to write him a ticket that he pulled out his phone on the spot and dialed 911.

This, of course, resulted in another charge (misuse off 911), which led to an arrest and Exantus needing to post $2,000 in bail to be released from jail.


Granted, we’ve heard of far crazier 911-calling stories, such as the guy who phoned authorities because his wife kept throwing away his beer. (He was also from Florida!)

Or the people who called 911 because Facebook was down.

Still, two lessons can be learned from this latest situation:

  1. Have patience. It’s a virtue.
  2. Stop at stop signs.