17 Animals Who Don't Know They Aren't Human

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For some animals, the lines between our worlds are very, very blurry. Look at all these animals who don't know they aren't human.

1. Life Is a Highway

Life Is a Highway
And these dogs just want to drive, you guys!!

2. Downward Dog

Downward Dog
No, but really. This dog is doing yoga and has better form than some humans.

3. This Dog Walks Into a Bar...

This Dog Walks Into a Bar...
Here's hoping they carded him! He certainly doesn't LOOK 21.

4. Happy Birthdog

Happy Birthdog
Ain't no party like a Doodle party cause a Doodle party don't stop!

5. Pass the Jam

Pass the Jam
Need help reaching the jam all the way down the table? No problem! Your friendly GIRAFFE is here to help.

6. Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon
We're pretty sure dog prayers go something like "And thank you for the bacon, and the ear scratches, and the belly rubs, and the tennis balls. Can you please send me more tennis balls?"

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