Beyonce Planning Divorce, Has HAD ENOUGH of Jay Z (Tabloid Says)!

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Beyonce has bigger problems than Tina Seals' lawsuit, according to the new issue of celebrity news magazine Us, which features her on its latest cover.

While Seals' bogus claims of maternity of Blue Ivy Carter are easily dismissed, the relentless chatter about the state of Bey's marriage will not case. To wit:

Beyonce Plans Divorce

Now that the singer has finished the last of her On The Run U.S. tour dates with Jay Z, fans are wondering if the spouses of six years will go the distance.

Not according to this report, which states that Beyonce is "already making moves toward a split," and is "fed up with faking it" on tour with her man.

One source says "she is done" when their tour is, though in the same report, alleged insiders say her "plan of action" is in place "if/when" she leaves Jay.

So basically this is all hot air and nothing substantive. Not sure why we expect otherwise, given the non-stop noise about music's biggest duo.

Rumors about the power couple's union have run rampant ever since the perfect facade came crashing down thanks to Solange and Jay's elevator fight.

Granted, the parties involved never explained what caused that scuffle and it didn't necessarily mean anything was amiss between Bey and Jay.

Just the same, no happy family pictures posted to her Instagram have been able to fully quell the swirling speculation that a mega-divorce is nigh.

We've read reports that she cheated with Julius de Boer, he cheated with Liv, they "stayed separately" for their tour, that she's getting her own place.

That's just a few. We could go on at length, but that still wouldn't make any of it substantiated. There's just no evidence of any marital strife. None.

It may well be going south behind the scenes, and if a divorce announcement from the couple came next week, we would not be 100 percent shocked.

We wouldn't put a lot of faith in the reports that have surfaced to this point, though, as it's likely the work of bored editors throwing darts, so to speak.

If they do split, it won't be a decision either takes lightly. There is Blue Ivy to think about, not to mention genuine love and concern for one another.

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