Beyonce: Searching For Separate Apartment in NYC? Officially Splitting From Jay Z?!

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It seemed like a wild rumor at first, but now, every day there's more evidence that Beyonce and Jay Z are headed for Splitsville.

Last week, Bey and Jay stopped wearing wedding rings in public.

Beyonce and Jay Z: Backstage

Yesterday, a source claimed that they both cheated on each other, and will announce their separation at the end of the On the Run tour.

Today, we may have the most solid evidence yet that the hip hop power couple is  - at the very least - planning to take a break soon.

Sources say Beyonce has been shopping for an apartment that's just for her and Blue Ivy.

You may wonder how anyone could know what Bey's plans are for her new Manhattan rental. Well, in this case, the facts sorta speak for themselves:

1. The properties that Bey's been checking out are about half the size of her and Jay's current Tribeca crib. "I can say with certainty that Jay Z is not downsizing," one source tells Page Six. Yeah, he's not exactly the frugal type.

2. Her first choice is expensive. Really expensive. "There's no way a $20 million apartment is for her mother or her sister," says the insider. "That would be wildly unlikely."

3. She's keeping things on the down-low. Witnesses say all of Bey's house hunting has been done solo and "she was keeping very quiet, as if she was looking on the slyl"

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