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We know The Bachelor winner Nikki Ferrell is not a big fan of ABC franchise, but to hear her call out her fellow competitor Elise Mosca like she just did?

Amazing. What did she say?

Previously, we’ve seen Nikki rip Bachelor in Paradise, the spinoff in which Bachelor and Bachelorette castoffs hook up and get all dramatic in Mexico.

Now she’s bashing Elise, who competed with Nikki for Juan Pablo Galavis on The Bachelor earlier this year before making an epic scene in Paradise.

Not that she even needs to watch the show – Ferrell has said she’d rather “stab pencils in her eyeballs” than do that – to know Mosca is not smart.

“I don’t need to watch Bachelor In Paradise to know Elise is dumber than a box of rocks,” she Tweeted. “But hey at least everyone agrees with me now.”


The incident that got everyone talking (or scratching their heads) was Elise, per no one’s request, stopping the rose ceremony to say … who the heck knows.


Even for a woman who once hooked up with The Situation (seriously) or was in a soft-core flick called Yule Log Hotties (seriously, below), this was all-time.

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Elise and Dylan Pettit had a thing in Paradise, until he thought she was getting too clingy, at which point she got with Chris Bukowski and Dylan was disgusted.

After Dylan straight up rejected her rose offering, Mosca mused on life, love and journeys and how as a woman she deserves 100 percent out of something.

Every time Elise opens her mouth, she makes less and less sense, and it all culminated in that rose ceremony moment for the ages Monday night.

Nikki may be flying by the seat of her pants in openly ridiculing a peer, but Ferrell and Juan Pablo appear to be taking the “DGAF” approach to the show.

The nurse previously Tweeted in response to The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose special that she doesn’t know how the producers sleep at night.

Not a lot of love lost between Nikki, Juan and anyone involved with the reality TV franchise that made them quasi-famous and brought them together.

But they have each other. They have each other.