Azealia Banks "Heavy Metal and Reflective" Video: Watch Your Back, Nicki Minaj!

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Azealia Banks had an unexpected viral hit in 2011 with "212," and in the years since she's followed it up with...nothing.

Sure, the occasional Twitter feud kept her in the news (the Azealia vs. T.I. tweet beef back in June is the stuff of online legend), but Banks refused to drop any new music until she was released from her stifling record deal.

Well, that day finally came last week, and the Harlem-based MC hit the ground running.

Banks debuted "Heavy Metal and Reflective" online the same day that longtime rap rival Nicki Minaj was set to drop her latest single, an act of war that may have forced Minaj to delay the release of "Anaconda."

Now, Azealia's premiered the surprisingly action-packed video for "Heavy" just one day after "Anaconda" hit the web. Industry insiders have been calling Banks the future for years, and it seems clear she's intent on making Nicki a thing of the past.

We're not sure what sparked the ongoing conflict between Nicki and Azealia, but we do know that "Heavy" has enough hype behind it to become 2014's last-half-of-summer banger.

Here's hoping Banks doesn't decide to wait another three years before her next single. 

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