Azealia Banks' "Heavy Metal and Reflective" Forced Nicki Minaj to Postpone "Anaconda"?

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There's been a lot of speculation today as to why Nicki Minaj postponed the release of her new single "Anaconda," but most of it doesn't make much sense.

After all, Minaj garnered a huge amount of online buzz when the "Anaconda" cover art was released last week. Nicki's booty-ful pose caused such a stir online that the "Anaconda" memes still show no sign of stopping:

What could possibly stop her from capitalizing on that sort of free publicity? Surely, it doesn't have anything to do with Nicki doing cameo voice work for the Cartoon Network show Steven UniverseĀ as some sources have suggested.

No, we're guessing only one thing would stop Nicki from sticking with her original agenda: a challenge from a formidable rap rival who could conceivably embarrass Nicki by outselling her without a fraction of the press and promotions enjoyed by "Anaconda."

Harlem-based MC Azealia Banks may not be a household name like Nicki, but she's got a huge online following (mainly as a result of her feuds with T.I. and other A-list rappers), and her breakout 2011 hit "212" is widely considered to be a diss track aimed at Nicki.

Banks has laid low in the years since, claiming that she's waiting to be released from an unfair recording contract before she releases more music.

Well, that day has finally come, and many consider the fact that Banks chose to release her first major single in three years on the same day as Nicki to be a direct challenge that the SuperbassĀ rapper effectively backed away from.

Nicki's decision to delay the release of "Anaconda" may have something to do with the fact that Azealia's "Heavy Metal and Reflective" won't be officially released until tomorrow, but the track has already become a favorite of critics and online hip hop-heads:

Yes, after three years in semi-retirement, Ms. Bank$ is attempting the biggest comeback since Chris Brown's and she's kicking it off by brining some serious lyrical heat, and butting heads with hip hop's reigning queen.

It's enough to make us forget about that Aussie chick who swiped Banks' name:

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