17 Hilarious and Inappropriate Movie Marquees

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Wait, what kind of theater is this again? Check out 17 hilarious and inappropriate movie marquees. And then tell us that the people who did this totally knew what they were doing.

1. Make Up Your Mind!

Make Up Your Mind!
We would probably like to see this movie. Maybe. We think.

2. More Than Meets the Eye

More Than Meets the Eye
Those Transformers like to get kinky in the junkyard. NOW IN 3D!!


Whomever did this is the best marquee maker to ever make marquees. Ever.

4. Poke a What?

Poke a What?
Oh, Pokemon, you cheeky little devil.

5. What Happens in Vegas

What Happens in Vegas
This wouldn't happen if the Madame handed out condoms with receipts when the gentlemen come to call on her Ranch Bunnies...

6. Defense Against the Unplanned Pregnancy

Defense Against the Unplanned Pregnancy
Should've been a class at Hogwarts.

7. Only In LA

Only In LA
So THAT's why Crocodile Dundee was in Los Angeles...

8. Must Love Dogs

Must Love Dogs
Pretty sure this is illegal in all 50 states. We hope.

9. Spoiler Alert!!

Spoiler Alert!!
JEEEZ! Way to give away the whole movie, marquee guy! #Halloween #MikeMyers

10. Blast Off

Blast Off
The phallic rocket on this sign only serves to make this better.

11. Team Vampire

Team Vampire
Vampires do not suck you take that back right now! I mean, okay, they SORT OF suck, but that's how they live? Uhh...this is weird.

12. Pirates Vs. Ogres

Pirates Vs. Ogres
A new foray into the pirates vs. genre we've not yet seen. Until now.

13. History Lesson

History Lesson
Why yes, yes that is what happened, actually.

14. That's FANTASTIC

This is...some kinky stuff right here.

15. Case Closed!

Case Closed!
Assuming Nancy Drew remembers this occasion, she just solved the case.

16. Paging Morgan Freeman

Paging Morgan Freeman
We're gonna need him to narrate this one for us.

17. The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises
Not even sure what the second movie on this marquee could possibly be but OMG.

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