Tim McGraw Slap Justified, Police Say; No Complaints Filed

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The surprising video in which Tim McGraw slaps a woman fan at his Sunday concert in Atlanta has not led to any legal issues for the country singer.

Nor will it, in all likelihood.

In fact, police believe McGraw may actually be the victim of a woman who reached out and tried to get touchy-feely with him twice in a brief span.

The video shows Tim slapping a woman who grabbed onto him at Sunday night's concert, as he strutted down the walkway of the stage, high-fiving fans.

Instead of glad-hanging McGraw, a woman appeared to make a play for his crotch, then try to grip and rip his jeans. The crooner wasn't happy.

His rep said that McGraw "instinctively swatted" at the woman in an attempt to stop her from ripping his pants - which she succeeded at doing.

Police say the woman, who was dragged away by security, has not complained to police, and unless she does, no action will be taken based on this.

Should it, though?

They add that if anything, the woman is the aggressor and Tim's slap was indeed "a common reaction," although if someone complains, they will investigate.

Does his "instinctive swatting" defense hold up, though?

The video evidence doesn't necessarily look like that, as he makes what appears to be a movement to cause the woman to release his leg.

This appears to succeed, is the thing ... after which he slaps her following a brief pause. The delay seems less than instinctive to some people.

Again, it's doubtful anything will happen from a legal standpoint, but it's an interesting debate. What do you think? Share your comments below ...