Lady Gaga Nip Slip Posted to Instagram!

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Lady Gaga isn't exactly the shy type, but we get the feeling that she shared far more of herself than she meant to on Instagram yesterday:

Lady Gaga Nip Slip

Yes, the Mother Monster is the latest celeb to suffer a minor wardrobe malfunction. We've heard lots of people say that Gaga is overexposed, but we don't think this is what they meant!

Gaga gets naked pretty frequently to celebrate occasions like the launch of a new concert tour, or a Tuesday, so there's nothing here that we haven't seen before.

It's just surprising that someone who so carefully controls her public image would allow something like this to slip past her.

Sure, it's not as monumental as the Selena Gomez nip slip of last week, but it's an unintentionally exposed celebrity boob, and we here at THG believe that will always be worth sharing with you.

There's been talk lately that Instagram's anti-nudity policy is overly strict and discriminatory toward women, but Gaga certainly seems unaffected by it.

Last month Gaga flashed her ass on the site without any backlash, and now it's her nipple's turn. 

All this time, we thought Gaga was just in love with posting constant photos of herself in various states of undress, but now it turns out she might 21st Century's most important women's rights crusader!

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