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Already going through Sharknado 2 withdrawal?

Wondering how you’ll ever make it until Sharknado 3 without more ridiculously constructed animal monsters to satisfy your craving for low budget violence in a weekly basis? Have no fear. 

Dantes Pekingese is here! And so is Volcanine! And so are Earthquake and Purr-icane!

Indeed, some genius Internet users have put together fake trailers for phony movies, all of which we’d totally watch if they were on tonight. Which holds the greatest intrigue?

Which do you hope Syfy purchases the right to? Watch and weigh in now:

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Of course, we also have your fill of Sharknado 2 content.


There are the very best Sharknado 2 Twitter reactions from last night:

And also the 11 most awesomely atrocious Sharknado 2 quotes: