Sharknado 3: Already Ordered by Syfy!

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Syfy may be in danger of jumping the Sharknado.

Months before the Sharknado sequel airs, this cable network has ordered a third edition of the ridiculous franchise, one we can only imagine will be titled Sharknado 3: The Third One.

The first film was based on Los Angeles, shot for only $250,000 and nearly broke Twitter last summer.

The second will air on July 30 and be set in New York, with original Ian Ziering and Tara Reid on board for a return.

No word yet on the location of the third or who may star or when it will be released.

But... hey... Sharknado 3! Are you excited? Will you watch it?

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Sharknado Quotes

B.J. Novak - I'm afraid that now when we have a real sharknado everyone's going to treat it like a joke.

Damon Lindelhof -This movie is such a ripoff of THE BICYCLE THIEF. #LiveTweetingSharknado #Highbrow."
This movie is such a ripoff of THE BICYCLE THIEF. #LiveTweetingSharknado #Highbrow.