Queen Elizabeth II Photobombs the World at Commonwealth Games!

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There are some impressive skills on display at the 2014 Commonwealth Games currently underway in Glasgow.

But for all the young athletes at the height of their talent, no one has been more awe-inspiring than 88-year-old Queen Elizabeth II, who proved today that she's not only the Queen of England, she's also the Queen of the Photobomb.

That's the Queen getting stealthy on the selfies of two Australian field hockey players.

While that's the shot that went viral, it's not the only photo from the Games to feature Her Highness making a surprise royal cameo.

As far as we can tell, Liz II pretty much spent the day taking in some cricket and milling about with the crowd. Mighty bold, considering we're pretty sure if someone steals her hat, they takeover the throne. (We slept through European history.)

Of course, the Queen's mass photo-bombing campaign isn't the first time she's proved her coolness in recent months.

Back in June, Elizabeth II visited the Game of Thrones set, where she eyed the Iron Throne with the steely calm of a woman who knew she could make it hers in a heartbeat.

"I'm the baddest queen out. Cersei ain't got sh-t on me," the Queen was heard to remark when greeting the show's cast. Okay, not really, but that's pretty much the only way she should get any cooler these days.