Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 6 Recap: The A Game

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Let no one ever refer to ABC Family as a liar.

All week long, the network had teased the return of A on Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 6... and return this villain definitely did last night, causing problems across the board in Rosewood.

For example, he/she/it actually filmed Alison’s mother’s burial and offered the girls a front seat for it. Lovely, huh?

The Liars, meanwhile, got together to talk about the the possibility of Shana NOT being A (NOTE: She’s clearly not), yet no one wants to accept this as truth, least of all Alison.

Afraid for her life, Ali chose to ignore her friends’ wishes and depart town, heading for Princeton, where Noel will be waiting to pick her up.

Hanna agreed to help with this mission, actually loaning her pal a wad of money, along with the clothes off her giant closet rack.

Alison went home to say goodbye to her father… only to find the house dark and empty. So she turned on a lamp. Later, as she was leaving, she noticed the lamp had been switched off - and that was A’s cue to knock her down and begin strangling her with her yellow scarf.

Fortunately, Emily got there just in time to fight off the attacker.

Shaken by the incident, and flattered by Emily’s concern, Alison asks if she can stay in Emily’s room, to which Emily agrees, tucking her in for the night. We should probably leave these two alone for awhile.

Ezra, meanwhile, was trying to find a connection between Mrs. D and Bethany, with Aria doing her best to help him out.

As these two once again discuss their relationship, Lieutenant Tanner knocks on the door. She has her A interrogation game going, pun fully intended.

Later on, Ezra and Aria open the folder she found outside his apartment and come across one of Bethany’s drawing’s inside, the subject of which appears to be Mrs. D. Eddie Lamb, a Radley nurse, apparently delivered it.

This motivates Aria to go undercover as a volunteer at the sanitarium.

As for Spencer? She’s trying to get her parents to reconcile, yet their coffee date doesn’t go according to plan. At all: Her father agrees to move out and her mother won't give him another chance, despite Spencer's pleadings.

Finally, Travis breaks up with Hanna after he sees Caleb in town and realize that her ex could be the reason she’s been blowing him off. Smart guy, this Travis.

Instead of meeting Travis for a date, Hanna goes over to Caleb’s, where they share a drink and PLL viewers can finally take a deep breath. What can go wrong in a universe where these two are together?

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