Leanna Harris on Toddler Hot Car Death, Husband's Arrest: Living Every Parent's Nightmare

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The case of Justin Ross Harris, the Georgia man arrested for killing his 22-month-old son, Cooper, by leaving him in a hot car, raises endless questions.

Many center around his wife, Leanna Harris, and her role (if any) in the suburban Atlanta tragedy that made national headlines this month.

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Cobb County Police Detective Phil Stoddard testified that, when Harris was reunited with her husband after his murder arrest, she asked, "Did you say too much?"

Stoddard also testified that she had worried in the past about the possibility of young Cooper being left in a hot car, saying it was her "worst fear."

Police say both conducted Internet searches for child deaths in hot cars; Ross Harris has pleaded not guilty and called the incident a "tragic accident."

Leanna Harris, who has not been charged in connection with Cooper's death, hopes to provide some answers in a statement released to the media.

Curiously, or perhaps tellingly, the first public comment made on the 30-year-old dietician's behalf does not mention her husband. Read if after the jump ...

"Leanna Harris is living every parent's nightmare – the child she bore and loved every moment of his life has died. For most parents, it is difficult, if not impossible, to comprehend such a thing."

"But for Leanna, that nightmare is all too real. She will never again be able to tuck him into bed at night and return later to check on him."

"She mourns Cooper's death deeply, in her own private way. She takes comfort from a strong faith in God, but the loss is still overwhelming."

"Getting through each day seems almost impossible. Dealing with her grief has become more difficult as the days go on, however, in large part because of the constant speculation and innuendo in the media."

"Newspapers, television and online media have fostered a poisonous atmosphere in which Leanna's every word, action and emotion – or failure to cry in front of a crowd – is scrutinized for some supposed hidden meaning."

"In much the same way, the press unjustly harassed and hounded Olympic bombing hero Richard Jewell when he didn’t behave as some thought he should."

"Reporters have delved into Leanna's upbringing, her employment, quizzed people for information about her marriage, and her sex life."

"The constant attention has prevented her from returning to work. For Leanna, Cooper's death has been devastating."

"She asks that she be allowed to grieve in private without reporters calling, following or watching her home. Since his death, she has been unable to have that time of mourning that every bereaved parent needs."

"Please allow her the dignity to mourn her son in private."