Nikki Ferrell to The Bachelorette Producers: How Do You Sleep at Night?!

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Nikki Ferrell straight up raged against The Bachelorette finale last night after watching the After the Final Rose special, labeling the show #trash.

Plenty of people would probably agree with her use of that hashtag, but what makes this reaction story unique are the following, obvious points:

  1. Nikki appeared on, and won, The Bachelor this year
  2. She railed against the producers and not Nick Viall
Juan Pablo, Nikki
Nick Viall Photo

The cause of Ferrell's outrage was Bachelorette runner-up Nick Viall asking Andi Dorfman why she made love to him if she wasn't in love with him.

She went right after the production team, however, and not Nick himself, making you wonder if a single moment on the program is ever unscripted.

Ferrell seems fairly certain that Viall was put up to all of this.

"Gee I wonder who told Nick to say that..." Nikki posted on Twitter after the show. "How the producers of @BachelorABC sleep at night is beyond me. #trash."

The pediatric nurse is still dating Juan Pablo Galavis, The Bachelor who famously lambasted and washed his hands of the show the second it was over.

Clearly, there's no love lost between Juan Pablo and Nikki and the show's producers, as Ferrell made clear with a follow-up shout-out last night:

"On a positive note so beyond happy for @AndiDorfman and @jmurbulldog," she wrote to the newly-engaged Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray.

"I bet it feels so good to be free!" Nikki said. "#Congrats."

Congrats indeed to Andi and Josh ... but what do you think of Nikki's comments? We can all agree Nick was a bit out of line, but if that was a setup?

We can't decide if that makes it better or worse.

Nikki, who was close to Andi on The Bachelor and has remained friends with her, would have every reason for bashing Nick, as much of Twitter did.

Instead, she's still fuming at the show that made her a quasi-celebrity. Meanwhile, she and Juan Pablo remain - to the surprise of many - together and happy:

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