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Kate Gosselin is the subject of a new tell-all book by Robert Hoffmen entitled Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.

As you may have guessed from the title, the book contains some stunning revelations about Gosselin’s rise to fame, as well as the stunning manner in which she’s used her children to boost her career.

Hoffman even goes so far as to claim that Gosselin had kids just to become famous. Once she achieved that goal, Kate proceeded to abuse her husband, kids, and staff.

In one shocking excerpt, Hoffman reveals that Gosselin called her kids “disabled” in a letter, in hopes of obtaining free state childcare.

Now that he’s proven that Gosselin herself is untrustworthy, Hoffman has set out reveal that the show that made her famous is equally fraudulent:

The author says that after doing “a little digging” (he admits to going through the Gosselin’s trash) he’s uncovered scripts from the family’s TLC series Jon & Kate Plus 8.

There’s nothing unusual about a “reality” show filming some scripted scenes, but Hoffman says just about every moment of the Gosselin’s life that ended up on screen was staged – a fact made worse by Kate’s repeated claims that the show is “very realistic…no scripting.” 

The revelation that the Gosselins received entire storylines and bits of dialogue written out by producers makes their children’s upbringing seem that much more nightmarish, as we can safely assume that the (illegal) cast of young children were frequently wrangled and made to memorize lines.

“There was nothing organic, normal, or natural, about the Gosselin children being filmed,” says Hoffman.

The author claims to be in possession of scripts from several episodes in the show’s first season that not only outline plots, but tell Kate “exactly what to say.”