Scott Disick: Caught Boozing in the Hamptons!

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Well, that didn't last long.

Two weeks ago, we received word that Scott Disick had quit drinking in order to save his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian.

The decision came after Disick was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning after a night of seriously hard partying. Not only was Disick traumatized by the event, Kourtney reported issued him a "me or the bottle" ultimatum.

Sources said Scott was adapting well to sobriety, but based on a photo he posted last night, he's adopted a "when Kourtney's away, Scott will get hammered" policy. 

That's Lord Disick partying with French Montana and Fat Joe in the Hamptons last night. The pic would be unremarkable, were it not for the carefully concealed wine glass in Scott's right hand.

Yep. Busted. Worst of all, Scott not only drank, he likely got wasted, as he tweeted the incriminating photo himself around 1 am last night.

The sad part of this story is that Scott's reportedly been hitting the bottle harder than usual lately as a result of the fact that his parents both died about two months apart from one another late last year.

Unfortunately, if he continues to get busted for boozing, it may cost Disick what little he has left.

Scott made our list of celebrities who slept their way to the top because he's light on talent, and basically owes everything he has to Kourtney. We'd advise him to not blow it.

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