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Kendall Jones remains a hot topic of Internet conversation.

And, no, that’s not a reference to the blonde cheerleader’s looks.

The Texas Tech student has come under MAJOR fire online this week for posting photo after photo of herself sitting near the bodies of dead animals, many of which are endangered and all of which she killed herself in Africa.

Jones has defended herself by simply saying she’s a “hunter” and only goes after “overpopulated” animals… but PETA isn’t buying it.

“Her only interest is slaughtering wildlife for a cheap thrill,” says the company via statement, adding Jones is “in a desperate quest to secure a macabre reality show.”

The collegian has admitted that she hopes to host her own series by 2015.

Her dad, meanwhile, says his daughter mercy killed the lion alongside whom she’s posing above, as this animal was too old too keep up with its pack.

He also says Kendall didn’t even kill the rhino in another picture, that it was injured, tranquilized and taken to a vet.

Mr. Jones insists his child only murders leopards, elephants and lions that are NOT on the endangered species list.

It’s a contentious issue all around. Where do YOU stand on Kendall Jones?