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Kate Gosselin is livid at the re-release of Robert Hoffman’s book, calling it fabricated and untrue, though she may not seek legal action against him.

In 2012, Hoffman first released the e-book with bombshell allegations that Kate Gosselin is an abusive monster who is cruel to kids and even pets.

The book was pulled after a huge lawsuit against Hoffman and Jon Gosselin, who was accused of helping him obtain material illegally, was filed by Kate.

She eventually dropped her lawsuit for undisclosed reasons this year … and on June 24, Hoffman released Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World again.

The book now includes additional, damning information about the Kate Plus 8 star, including claims that she used her children to gain fame and fortune.

She even called her kids “disabled” in a letter to the State of Pennsylvania while scheming to obtain free full-time child care, Hoffman alleges.

In spite of its stunning allegations and recent re-release, “Kate’s not going to take any legal action at this time,” a source close to the reality star says.

“She feels the book is already ‘out there’ and ‘even though a lot of things are fabricated and untrue,’ she doesn’t feel the need to drudge up old news.”

Hoffman confirms that no legal action is being taken against him by the woman he calls a bully and monster, unlike the last time he published it.

“I believe people have a right to hear all sides of the story and not just the side that the people with the most money want to shove down their throats,” he says.

“People are smart enough to make their own decisions … I think it’s time for all the cards to be put on the table and to let the chips fall where they may.”