Justin Bieber Cuddles with Yovanna Ventura, Sticks It to Selena Gomez

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Now we may know why Selena Gomez was so sad on Instagram earlier this week.

Justin Bieber took to his online Shots account last night and posted a picture of himself and Yovanna Ventura, the same Yovanna Ventura with whom Bieber was often spotted in May.

Ventura and Bieber went on multiple dates this spring, including one at Venice Beach in which Justin was shirtless and the two rode a bicycle rickshaw

Yovanna Ventura with Justin Bieber

What does this photo mean for Justin and Selena? Nothing positive, that's for certain.

Not only is Bieber clearly cozying up to another woman... not only are her hands under his shirt... but this pose looks VERY similar to the one Bieber and Gomez struck for THIS PHOTO last year, doesn't it?

Oh, Justin. It's not enough that you've found another lover? You need to rub it in Selena's face this way?

Ventura, who works as an aspiring model in Miami, published her own picture (below) with Bieber last night, including with it a caption that labels the singer the "Sweetest guy ever."

We somehow doubt Selena would agree.

Yovanna and Justin

Here are many more images of the model who has taken Gomez's place in Bieber's heart/pants:

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