Justin Bieber and Chris Brown: Clubbing on Sunset Strip!

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The Justin Bieber and Chris Brown bromance rages on!

The pop star and the R&B woman beater crooner hung out with friends last night at a club on the Sunset Strip, dropping various (non gang) signs for photos on Instagram.

Bieber went shirtless and made it clear he resides on the West Side. Brown, meanwhile, opted for the basic middle finger.

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown at the Club
Justin Bieber and Chris Brown on the Strip

Insiders confirm that Brown's occasional girlfriend, Karreuche Tran, also chilled with the boys, who have collaborated on multiple tracks in the past.

Bieber, in fact, believes Brown to be super dope, which leads THG to believe that Bieber is super misguided.

Seriously. Forget the drunk driving. Bucket peeing. And the egg tossing.

You know you have bad judgment when you believe Chris Brown is a cool individual.

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