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You may want to sit down for this: Joan Rivers made some offensive comments while promoting her new book.

The comedy legend, of course, has been shocking fans for weeks during one of the most bizarre press tours in recent memory.

Highlights (or lowlights, depending on whom you ask) include: Rivers accusing Miley Cyrus of incest, suggesting that Kim Kardashian has had sex with millions of men, and implying that Kristen Stewart slept her way to the top.

While it may not seem possible, Rivers actually topped herself earlier this week.

Joan Rivers Calls President Obama Gay

In addition to storming out of a CNN interview, Joan made some comments about President Obama and his wife that have many in the LGBT community demanding an apology: 


After officiating an impromptu gay wedding at one of her book signings, Rivers was asked by a reporter when the US would have its first gay president. Her response was the sort of thing that could only issue forth from the mouth of Joan Rivers:

"We already have [a gay president] with Obama so let’s just calm down," Rivers said. "You know Michelle is a tranny…A transgender. We all know. It’s okay."

Needless to say, many were displeased not only by Rivers’ claims that Obama is lying about his sexual orientation, but also by the comedienne’s use of the decidedly un-PC transphobic slur "tranny."

Rivers responded in the same way that she’s reacted to all of her recent controversies, claiming that her comments were meant to be taken as a joke.