Joan Rivers Storms Out of CNN Interview, Tells Anchor to "Shut Up"

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Joan Rivers may spend her professional life critiquing others.

But the veteran comic did not like being on the receiving end of some negative comments from CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield today.

In a contentious interview, Whifield referred to E!’s Fashion Police as “very mean,” a criticism Rivers shot down by saying she just tells “the truth” and adding:

"Do you really think that Nicki Minaj cares I didn't like her dress?"

Whitfield, however, went on to question subject matters in Rivers’ book (notably jokes about Casey Anthony’s baby and Princess Diana), prompting Rivers to grow agitated and to peace the heck out.

"You know what, I'm going. I'm really going because all you've done is negative," she said. "I've made people laugh for 50 years. I was put on Earth to make people laugh and my book is funny.

Watch the above video and react:

It does appear as if Whitfield is trying to stir things up, but Rivers has accused Miley Cyrus of incest, called North West ugly and said Kristen Stewart slept her way to the top.

It's hard to take the side of anyone who relies on this kinds of allegations for humor.