Game of Thrones Cosplay Selfie Wins Comic Con!

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The first glimpse of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman may have dominated the headlines, but truly this year's Comic Con belonged to Game of Thrones.

First, we had George R.R. Martin's Khaleesi photo which proved once and for all that the sick mind behind the Red Wedding actually does have a sense of humor.

That was topped the next day by Martin's weenies vs. boobies discussion, which was every bit as amazing as it sounds.

When they're fondly reflecting on Comic Con 2014, however, we think there's one moment that will leap to the mind of every GoT obsessive. Fortunately, for us, it was caught on camera:

Game of Thrones Cosplay Selfie

Yes, that's an estimated 47 convention-goers in Westerosi garb. There's a lot to love here, but we think the prize for most convincing cosplay goes to the Arya Stark in the lower left corner.

Seriously, is that actually Maisie Williams?!

Naturally, there was a preponderance of Khaleesis on hand, but even so, this photo serves as a sort of geek-tastic Where's Waldo?

See how quickly you can spot Khal Drogo or Littlefinger! Note the perfect proximity of Jon Snow and Ygritte!

We're not seeing many Tyrion Lannisters in the frame, but we guess that's a shortcoming of the costume (horrible pun intended).

All in all, some pretty impressive cosplay on display here. Heck, some of the actors on GoT don't even look this much like their characters:

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